Water.gif" alt="Water Monitoring & Control - Intelligent pump water controllerCutaway.gif" alt="Automotive - Section view of a LPG injector systemCuff.gif" alt="Medical - Air pressure indicator for anaesthesiology - worldwide salesPressure.gif" alt="Medical - Pressure indicator for medical applications - worldwide salesPressTool.gif" alt="Press Tool - An assembly of parts for blister packaging manufactureRobox.gif" alt="Remote Controlled Mechatronics - Interface for a camera on a bomb disposal robotOilTank.gif" alt="Automotive - V8 Supercar oil tank - Magnesium castingOar.gif" alt="Australian Institute of Sport - Instrumented oargate for elite rowersSpike.gif" alt="Medical - Section through medical liquid flow control deviceGluedispenser.jpg" alt="Industrial - Section through glue dispenserPot.gif" alt="Garden Pot - Typical example of injection moulded partBonding.gif" alt="Heat Bonding Station - Typical example of a semi-automatic production machineFurnace.gif" alt="Automated Furnace - Door showing internal mechanismsMicroGearbox.gif" alt="Microfluidic Drive System - Drive mechanism for a hand held deviceMask1.gif" alt="Medical - Medical mask - worldwide salesMask2.gif" alt="Medical - Medical mask for anaesthesiology - worldwide salesWheel.gif" alt="Solar Car Wheel Motor Assembly - Designed & manufactured - Magnesium castingsChamber.gif" alt="Testing - Test chamber for industrial process analysisTactile2.gif" alt="Motor Drive System - University research projectSyringePump.gif" alt="Microfluidics - Automated syringe pumpCasting.gif" alt="Metal Cast Component - Example of an alumium cast componentBlackBox.gif" alt="Sheet Metal Design - A sheet metal example for use in the avionics industryTooling.gif" alt="Injection Moulding - An assembly of parts for an injection moulding tool