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  • Artimech Pty Ltd was established in 1999. Our Team has strong creativity and a passion for achieving technical excellence to produce highly competitive product designs for our clients.

  • We have experience in product design, testing and instrumentation. We provide our clients with advanced technical solutions and have developed a network of business partners to provide our clients with a wide range of expertise.

  • Artimech focuses on providing the services and products needed to enable advanced technology to be introduced into mainstream manufacturing. We have developed products for clients across a broad range of industries and for both international and local businesses.

  • Our facilities include a machining workshop, CAD workstations, FEA software, electronics & chemical labs. Artimech also has access to clean rooms, lasers, sputtering, vapour deposition, chemical etching, optical and scanning electron microscope facilities on-site.

  • In-house experience include Formula 1 car design, advanced materials research, testing, military and medical sensor development, integration of electronics & mechanical systems, manufacturing process improvement, development of medical products, compressors & water pumps.

  • We maintain close associations with Universities and companies at the forefront of technology development to ensure that your product is the best it can be.
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